“Catch Me If You Can” Wraps

By Robert Thomas, adapted from the French by Jack Weinstock & Willie Gilbert
Directed by Tony Isbell
Set Design by Terry Scott
Stage Management by Emily Burnett

May 14-17, 2009 (SOLD OUT)

At Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center, 3663 Appling Rd., 38133

In this comedy written by Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert, Daniel Corban is on his honeymoon in the Catskill Mountains of New York when his wife suddenly disappears. Frantic to locate her, he contacts Inspector Levine. While the two are discussing Elizabeth Corbin’s disappearance, in comes Father Kelleher who magically produces Elizabeth. Daniel denies that this woman is his wife, even though she can answer the Inspector’s questions about her husband down to the last detail. Is she his wife? Has Daniel gone mad? Is the Priest involved in a scheme with Elizabeth to get life insurance? What does the deli man, Sidney have to do with it? Is Daniel’s boss, Everett Parker, and his wife part of it as well? We find out with a surprise twist ending.

Daniel Corban = Advertising Exec and Newlywed
Played by Steven Burk

Elizabeth = The Supposed Wife of Daniel
Played by Leslie Lee Lansky

Inspector Levine = Local police detective
Played by John M. Hemphill

Father Kelleher = Local Catholic priest
Played by Paul Webb

Sidney = Owner of local sandwich shop
Played by David McKay

Everett Parker = The Boss of Daniel Corban
Played by Tim Eddy

Mrs. Parker = Supposed Wife of Everett Parker
Played by Emily Burnett

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