Thursday, 24 of April of 2014


Auditions for Sylvia

BCT is proud to announce auditions for the play Sylvia, written by A. R. Gurney and directed by Howard Pries. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script, and the character breakdown is as follows:

2 (M): 20’s to 50’s
2 (F): 20’s to 50’s

Auditions will be held on Monday, April 14th and Tuesday, April 15th, both at 7pm. The auditions will be held at Bartlett Baptist Church, 3465 Kirby Whitten Road.  The play will run July 31st, August 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Singleton Community Center, 7266 3rd Road, Bartlett, TN.  Rehearsals will begin Monday, June 16th.    For more information, please call 901-491-3674.

November Meeting

Our next meeting will be held at the Bartlett Station (next to the Bartlett Library on stage Road) from 7-9pm. We will be in Community Room “B”. Hope to see everyone there.

Over the River and Through the Woods

Bartlett Community Theatre is pleased to annouce the cast list for their play “Over the River and Through the Woods”. This play will be a Dinner Theatre production and will run October 10, 11 and 12 (Dinner at 6:30 and the play at 7:30), and October 13 (Lunch at 12:30 and the play at 1:30). Tickets are $25.00 per person. The play will be held at St. Ann Catholic Church, 6529 Stage Road, Bartlett, TN. For more information call (901) 491-3674. The cast list is as follows:

Nunzio Cristano: Fred Harpell

Emma Cristano: Janie Paris

Frank Gianelli: Paul Webb

Aida Gianelli: Gwen Belcher

Nick Cristano: Chris Carter

Caitlin O’Hare: Kristen Vandervort

The play is Directed by Howard Pries

Auditions for “Over the River and Through the Woods”

Bartlett Community Theatre is having auditions for Over the River and Through the Woods on Monday, July 29 and Tuesday July 30 from 7-9pm at St. Ann Catholic Church, 6529 Stage Road. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. This play will be directed by Howard Pries. Character needs are as follows:

2 women and 2 men – ages late 50’s to 70’s
1 man and 1 woman – ages late 20’s to 30’s

The play will run October 10, 11, 12 and 13 and rehearsals will began September 3rd. This will be a Dinner Theatre production. For more information, call 901-491-3674.


Bartlett Community Theatre Meeting

Bartlett Community Theatre’s next meeting will be Thursday, April 18th at the Bartlett Station (next to the Bartlett Library).  The meeting is at 7:00pm in Community Room B.  Please plan on attending as we will have several items to discuss, including our next play.  For more information, please call (901) 491-3674.

Next Show “To Kill a Mockingbird” February 7-10th 2013

Our next show will be Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” directed by Andy Saunders. The show will be performed at Bartlett High School on February 7, 8, & 9 at 7:30 pm & February 10th at 2:30 pm.

“To Kill a Mockingbird”

Set in Depression-era Maycomb, Alabama in 1935, young Scout Finch lives with her father, Atticus Finch, an attorney, and her older brother Jem. When Tom Robinson, a black man, is accused of raping a white woman, Mayella. Atticus is asked to represent him and accepts, knowing that that decision will likely make him and his family unpopular in town. Meanwhile Scout, Jem and another friend forge a bond over one of the neighborhood legends –Boo Radley. Jem and Scout have never seen Boo, though they have heard that he is held captive in a house down the street. T As the trial moves ahead, the town’s emotions run high, mobs gather and relationships are strained. Over the course of the trial, it becomes clear that Tom could not have raped Mayella. However, a jury made up completely with white males convicts Tom. With the conviction comes more heartache for the town as innocents are sacrificed and children learn about the harsh realities of the world

Cast List:

Atticus Finch: Howard Pries
Jean Louise Finch: Pamela Poletti
Scout: Mimi Herron
Dill: Garrett Nass
Calpurnia: Tiffany Curry
Jem: Austin Brown
Reverend Sykes: Emmanuel McKinney
Mrs. Dubose: Rowan Shelby
Miss Maudie: Chris Steele
Miss Stephanie: Sherry Nash
Mr. Gilmer: Sam Weakley
Bob Ewell: James Cacy
Mayella Ewell: Xanthe Mumm
Sheriff Heck Tate: Paul Webb
Judge Taylor: Perry Montague
Tom Robinson: Marcus Anthony
Walter Cunningham: Dan Hutchinson
Nathan Radley: Christian Potts
Boo Radley: Shea McCollough
Ensemble: Randee Vint, Tabi Vint, Jaylen Roach, Scott Stark

Next Showing…”The Mousetrap” March 15-18 2012

Bartlett Theatre Company and Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center are proud to present Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap”, directed by Tony Isbell.

Show dates will be March 15,16, & 17 at 8:00pm & March 18 at 3:00pm.


Giles Ralston – Christopher Tracy
Mollie Ralston – Christine Matarese
Christopher Wren – Justin Willingham
Mrs. Boyle – Janie Paris
Major Metcalf – Paul Webb
Miss Casewell – Beverly Morlang
Mr. Paravicini – James Cacy
Detective Sergeant Trotter – Kinon Keplinger

Next Showing…”The Hallelujah Girls”, Oct 27-30

Bartlett Theatre Company and Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center are pleased to present “The Hallelujah Girls”, a production directed by Bill Roraback.

Show Dates are:

October 27 8:00 pm
October 28 8:00 pm
October 29 3:00 pm & 8:00 pm
October 30 3:00 pm

Cast Members:

Carlene-Carolyn Spratley
Porter Padgett-John Reed
Crystal-Sherry Nash
Bobby Dwayne-Ken Hippchen
Bunny-Cathi Johnson
Mavis-Ivory Smith
Nita-Cat Nass
Sugar Lee-Chris Wilson

About “The Hallelujah Girls”:

Hilarity abounds when the feisty females of Eden Falls, Georgia, decide to shake up their lives. The action in this rollicking Southern comedy takes place in SPA-DEE-DAH!, the abandoned church-turned day spa where this group of friends gathers every Friday afternoon. After the loss of a dear friend, the women realize time is precious and if they’re going to change their lives and achieve their dreams they have to get on it now! But Sugar Lee, their high-spirited, determined leader, has her hands full keeping the women motivated. Carlene’s given up on romance, having buried three husbands. Nita’s a nervous wreck from running interference between her problematic son and his probation officer. Mavis’ marriage is so stagnant she’s wondering how she can fake her own death to get out of it. And sweet, simple Crystal entertains them all, singing Christmas carols with her own, hilarious lyrics. The comic tension mounts when a sexy, ex-boyfriend shows up unexpectedly, a marriage proposal comes from an unlikely suitor and Sugar Lee’s arch rival vows she’ll stop at nothing to steal the spa away from her. By the time the women rally together to overcome these obstacles and launch their new, improved lives, you’ve got a side-splitting, joyful comedy that will make you laugh out loud and shout “Hallelujah!”

Next Up: Plaza Suite, May 19-22

Bartlett Theatre Company and Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center are pleased to present PLAZA SUITE, a production directed by Daniel Martin and written by Neil Simon. Show dates are 8 p.m. May 19, 20, 21 and 3 p.m. May 21-22 at BPACC.

For ticket information, please call BPACC at 901.385.6440 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cast members:

Karen Nash = Robbie VanDeveer
Sam Nash = Gene Elliot
Bellhop/Waiter/Borden Eisler = Bradley M. Applegate
Jean McCormick/Mimsey Hubley = Chelsea Robinson
Jesse Kiplinger = Chadwick Rodgers
Muriel Tate = Candice Gibson
Norma Hubley = Sherry Nash
Roy Hubley = Paul Webb


Hilarity abounds in this portrait of three couples successively occupying a suite at the Plaza. A suburban couple take the suite while their house is being painted, and it turns out to be the one in which they honeymooned 23 (or was it 24?) years before. And was yesterday the anniversary, or is it today? This wry tale of marriage in tatters is followed by the exploits of a Hollywood producer who, after three marriages, is looking for fresh fields. He calls a childhood sweetheart, now a suburban housewife, for a little diversion. Over the years she has idolized him from afar and is now more than the match he bargained for. The last couple is a mother and father fighting about the best way to get their daughter out of the bathroom and down to the ballroom where guests await her, or as mother yells, “I want you to come out of that bathroom and get married!”

Another sellout!

Bartlett Theatre Company and Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center proudly presented another sellout, ON GOLDEN POND, directed by Paul Webb and written by Ernest Thompson. Stage manager was Cherry Gibson and set designer was Kerry Strahm.

Performances were January 20-23, 2010.

Cast members were:

Norman Thayer, Jr. — John Malloy
Ethel Thayer — Janie Paris *
Chelsea Thayer Wayne — Candace McGowen
Charlie Martin — John Reed
Bill Ray — Marcus Santi
Billy Ray — Austin Brown

ON GOLDEN POND was sponsored by Foxbridge Assisted Living and was presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. (*) Ms. Paris appeared under a Special Appearance Contract courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.